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This is the email I wrote Belizo:


     I am writing this letter in regards to my cancelled order numbers #2180 and #1879.  I originally ordered a sofa from your company on June 7th 2012 that was supposedly "in stock.". The following day I received an email stating that "due to high demand" my order would not be shipped for 3-5 weeks.  At the latest, this would have shipped my order July 12th.  As that day came and past, I became concerned about my order.  I left several messages the first 2 weeks of July regarding my order with no response.  Finally I was able to speak with an associate on July 13 after waiting on hold for 20 minutes while she "located my order.". The associate indicated that it should have shipped already and assured me that it would ship the following Monday.  In response I asked if I could add to my order and she said the two could be linked and I would have the 2 orders by July 17th.  On July 18th I spoke to a representative that said that she told be it would ship on the 17th and I should see it by the end of the week.  This was false on both accounts, the date she said she promised and the date she again guaranteed.  On July 23rd I called again regarding my order.  The first time I waited on hold for 25 minutes before I hung up.  The second time I waited on hold for 15 minutes.  I was then told that because my orders did not total $1000 that they had not been shipped.  Frustrated, I cancelled my order.  The associate never tried to change my mind and promptly told me I would be refunded within 10 minutes and I should see an email shortly.  After 3 hours I had not seen a refund, I called back and waited another 10 minutes on hold to be told I would see it by the end of the day.  The next day when I had not seen the refund (24 July) I called back and was assured that I would see it any time.  On July 25th, I waited another 10 minutes for a manager who told me they did not process the refund correctly and promptly refunded my money again without trying to gain me as a customer.  That same week I purchased a similar set from a competitor and it was delivered to my house in 4 days.  I am writing this email for a few reasons:1) I believe Belizo has the best patio furniture at the best prices around 2) I believe you took advantage of my money and my time, 3) you don't care that you have lost a customer, and 4) your associates seem to either have an integrity problem or there is a disconnect with their knowledge of the shipping process and the order fulfillment.  You had my money for almost 2 months with no effort to contact me with delays, imagine what I could have done with the interest you gained off the sale.  You also owe me about 2 hours of my pay waiting on hold while you found my order.  I realize my order was not significant to you-$721, but it only takes 1000 orders like mine before you lose almost $1,000,000!  Please understand that I will never recommend you and will make it my personal goal to ensure everyone knows my experience.  I do not expect you to respond to this letter from the experiences I have had with your customer service, but know that your company is a huge disappointment.  I am very happy with my new furniture, unfortunately for you it is not yours.

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Monetary Loss: $800.

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